About Us

Some information about the creator/owner:

Taylor is the nurturing mama hands behind this small business. Our family of 5, we have 3 kids, 2 oldest special needs, Athena our eldest, Odyn our middle child, and our youngest Artemis. We believe natural and holistic healing practices are the best option for your body and strive for it, that's why we chose 'scrunchy' for part of our name, we lean to the scrunchy side of things. We have delved in the world of cloth diapers from birth until toddlerhood, had 2 in cloth diapers and hand washed them. I have breastfed all 3, believe extended breastfeeding is beneficial. Co-sleeping is natural, babywearing is a lifesaver, and toddlerwearing keeps them close. Attatchment, gentle living is what we try to accomplish. We are learning, we research and rely on mother nature.  

Now, I'm going to give a bit about this little gem called The Scrunchy Mama Life. It has natural, quality, affordable homemade healing products that make life and parenting a little easier.  

I want to start off by explaining why I chose this business idea, which was to help my daughter Athena. She is almost 3yrs and has ASD, autism spectrum disorder. This is such a wide spectrum, so many parents deal with so much, so many different things everyday and even though everyday is a blessing, everyday can be a struggle. Whether it's a new struggle, or the same struggle that repeats every day. We all have a common understanding that we are all in This together. This inspired me looking into others journey and how they found something that worked or helped for them and their child. A lot focused on diet, a lot were dealing with the struggle that we were and had a picky eater. So, I did some research and discovered a new kind of love... these snacks, candy, treats, whatever you choose to call them ('smacks' here according to Athena) have so many healing benefits. I know we're not alone in some of the struggles we go through.

Athena has GI issues related to her diagnosis. We have been waiting to get into the GI for months and we still have months to go, unfortunately. I have been trying to switch to a more natural life style and follow natural healing practices. I thought creating some type of natural gummie to 'get things moving' so to speak, would be a great place to start. I absolutely refuse to give Miralax like doctors wanted, especially since it's not even advised for children.

That led me to think about her and Odyns sleeping issues and how they hate to fall asleep no matter how tired they are. They will force themself awake and stay awake even if still tired. Melatonin is out of the question because even though it's natural.. if you give it to them, you are risking messing up how their body naturally produces it. Not worth the risk.


These products are hand made and can have imperfections. These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases or illnesses. Please consult a professional for medical advice.