Hydroponic Tower Garden


Here you will find information about our Tower Garden set up and produce. We are in the process of growing our own vegetables, herbs and flowers so we know exactly how production of our ingredients from start to harvest to use that take place. 

Our Tower Gardens come with EVERYTHING you need to start your own, in-home OR outdoor hydroponic tower garden. It comes with seeds, pods, nutrients, lights, the tower and a basin to hold 20 GALLONS of water. It gives you the ability to harvest 3-4 times (sometimes more if you're smart about it) instead of just once and it allows you to grow all year long! Payments can be made in one payment OR split up to 12 monthly payments! 

We have 2 towers currently and working on about 2-4 more (so far) to focus on certain herbs and veggies/produce. Feel free to reach out about any questions regarding a Tower Garden of your own. 

*Pictures will be added at random times! 

These are 10 days difference in my aeroponic tower garden. Just showing 3 of our 28 pods here. This show cases Gourmet Lettuce, Kale, and Spinach. 




 img-20201117-235029.jpg           img-20201118-000202.jpg  20200903-132101.jpg