Manuka Honey

I choose to use Manuka Honey. Local honey is great and beneficial, but Manuka is top of the line honey that can benefit everyone, not just local to the area people! These are just some of the benefits of Manuka Honey:

Helps with SIBO, Low Stomach Acid, Acid Reflux

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), low stomach acid and acid reflux go hand in hand. Because of Manuka honey’s known natural antibiotic qualities, it is a great medicine for any bacteria-related disorder.

In fact, in a recent study, one dangerous bacteria related to all three conditions, Clostridium difficult, was found to be quite susceptible to Manuka honey’s bactericidal effects. So taking Manuka honey is very beneficial at reducing acid reflux and balancing your digestive system to heal stomach and intestinal imbalances.

May Help Treat Acne and Eczema

The Internet is filled with patient testimonials that Manuka honey works marvelously for acne and eczema patients. At this time there are few clinical trials to support these claims, but taking into account its proven antimicrobial and healing properties, it’s believed honey can help with these skin conditions. Most people claim that applying honey on affected areas for a few minutes and then washing off with gentle soap and water usually does the trick. Repeat this every day or every other day for the best results.

Treats Burns, Wounds and Ulcers

According to research published in the Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products, “The use of honey leads to improved wound healing in acute cases, pain relief in burn patients and decreased inflammatory response in such patients.” Moreover, because of its rich antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, Manuka honey has been shown to prevent infection in rats with ulcers. It has also been used quite effectively as a wound dressing to promote rapid, improved healing.

Prevents Tooth Decay and Gingivitis

Several studies have come out describing how Manuka honey can help treat and prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease. Due to its superior antimicrobial activity, researchers from the School of Dentistry at the University of Otago in New Zealand discovered that chewing or sucking on a Manuka honey product not only caused a 35 percent decrease in plaque, but it led to a 35 percent reduction in bleeding sites in people suffering from gingivitis. Also calcium, zinc and phosphorus are all important nutrients for healing teeth.

Improves Sore Throats and Immunity

In 2007, data published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology suggested that, “A 5.8-kDa component of Manuka honey stimulates immune cells via TLR4.” This is interesting because previous studies have indicated that honey stimulates cytokine production from human monocytes.

Coupling with this 2011 research showing how Manuka stops the growth of sore throat-causingStrep bacteria, it is no wonder that so many people benefit almost instantly from taking a spoonful of honey when they don’t feel well. Recently it has even been approved by the National Cancer Institute to be used to treat inflammation in the throat from chemotherapy

Improves Sleep

Manuka Honey helps to promote restful deep sleep. It slowly releases the glycogen needed for essential bodily functions during sleep. Adding honey to milk at bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain, which is necessary for deep sleep.

There are many health disorders associated with poor sleep, such as heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke and arthritis. Since honey is proven to aid in quality sleep, it also helps lower the risk of these and many other heath problems.

I love how beneficial of an ingredient it is. I'm glad I did my research and got quality products. So thankful I researched every possible thing!